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What is exactly the concept of Marketplace-as-a-Service (MaaS) ?
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MaaS is the key differentiator of SMART4ALL from existing approaches since it reduces the development effort, e.g. to move from an idea to a prototype, required by startups/SMEs/mid-caps that develop products for digitized transport, digitized agriculture, digitized environment and digitized anything markets.


SMART4ALL MaaS includes cloud services, related platforms, tools and middleware frameworks, and design service facilities mainly focusing on open-source technologies. Moreover, services (customized to the four thematic pillars of the project) are included in the MaaS e.g., personalized links to relevant events, customized web pages, and matchmaking (technology suppliers-technology receivers) activities.

SMART4ALL MaaS is also, a unique one-stop-smart-shop for experts and non-expert third-parties seeking (open-source mainly) ICT technologies that will reduce the development time of startup/SME/mid-cap that is doing business in one of the four SMART4ALL thematic areas.

For startups and SMEs, SMART4ALL through MaaS offers a bouquet of services called Prepare for Growth, comprising a set of open-source project and product management tools, tools for creating and maintaining business plans and financial tracking tools.

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